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Cookidoo® Austrália e Nova Zelândia: Colecção “Wholefood child”

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From nutrient-dense foods for babies and toddlers to wholesome meals for the entire family, Louise Keats’ delicious recipes are designed to nurture a love of good, home-cooked food.


Raspberry ombré chia parfait (Post-natal)
Green quinoa breakfast bowl (Post-natal)
Avocado whip on seedy spelt bread (Post-natal)
Turmeric cauliflower soup (Post-natal)
Spinach and coriander pesto (Post-natal)
Crumbed cutlets with cauliflower purée (Post-natal)
Macadamia and hemp milk (Post-natal)
Iced four-spice latte (Post-natal)
Beetroot latte (Post-natal)
Wattleseed cacao mocha (Post-natal)
Immune boosting smoothie (Post-natal)
Peanut butter brownie bliss balls (Post-natal)
Almond milk chocolate biscuits (Post-natal)
Caramel almond cashew slice (Post-natal)
Turkey vegetable purée (around 6 months)
Quinoa vegetable purée (around 6 months)
Pumpkin chicken purée (around 6 months)
Fish broccoli purée (around 6 months)
Avocado and egg yolk purée (around 6 months)
Beef, purple carrot and cauliflower purée (around 6 months)
Raspberry, apple and sweet potato purée (around 6 months)
Peach, apple and lamb purée (around 6 months)
Strawberry pear purée (around 6 months)
Papaya mango quinoa porridge (6-9 months)
Beetroot and blood orange purée (6-9 months)
Corn, pea and turmeric purée (6-9 months)
Chicken, wild rice and coriander purée (6-9 months)
Roast lamb and vegetable purée (6-9 months)
Mango, kiwi and mint purée (6-9 months)
Pear and ginger purée (6-9 months)
Spiced beef casserole purée (6-9 months)
Zucchini and parsnip frittata fingers (6-9 months)
Banana coconut custard (6-9 months)
Pineapple and lemon thyme purée (10-12 months)
Green pea cakes (10-12 months)
Cauliflower chicken nuggets (10-12 months)
Mini vegetable pasta (10-12 months)
Chicken and thyme pâté (10-12 months)
Cheesy tomato risotto (10-12 months)
Beef balls with peanut sauce (10-12 months)
Cashew spread (10-12 months)
Salmon and corn cakes (10-12 months)
Broccoli chive muffins (10-12 months)
Banana caramel thickshake (Toddlers and beyond)
Berry avocado smoothie (Toddlers and beyond)
Cacao avocado smoothie cups (Toddlers and beyond)
Banana oat pikelets (Toddlers and beyond)
Cheese and herb scones (Toddlers and beyond)
Zucchini fritters (Toddlers and beyond)
Coriander turmeric chicken bites (Toddlers and beyond)
Cauliflower macaroni cheese (Toddlers and beyond)
Pumpkin hommus with green dippers (Toddlers and beyond)
Cottage pie with purple mash (Toddlers and beyond)
Black bean brownies (Toddlers and beyond)
Chocolate carrot muffins (Toddlers and beyond)
Cacao custard (Toddlers and beyond)
Seeded sheet crackers (Toddlers and beyond)
Sweet potato and chickpea pizzas (Toddlers and beyond)
Cacao banana porridge
Better-for-you banana pancakes
Poached eggs with hollandaise
Zucchini pistachio loaf
Baby’s first Christmas
Grilled eggplant dip
White zucchini and cannellini bean soup
Broccoli almond soup
Red lentil cauliflower dahl
Spelt Margherita pizza
Vegetarian quiche
Coconut turmeric fish curry
Kid-friendly butter chicken
Fish pie
Steamed fish with green mash
Chilli con carne
Cheat’s cauliflower fried rice
Apple ginger cake with salted caramel sauce
Banana sesame cake
Davidson plum cheesecake slice
Coconut oat biscuits
Apricot and carrot bliss balls
Orange, raspberry and coconut jellies
Banana split
Blackberry jam tarts
Peanut butter banana ice cream
Finger lime tarts
Spiced chocolate doughnuts
Chocolate sourdough pudding
Cacao cinnamon eggnog



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