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Cookidoo® Austrália e Nova Zelândia: Colecção “Easter around the world”

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Easter is celebrated with traditional dishes. Try dishes from sweet treats to savoury pies. This collection shows what Easter looks like around the world.


Meringue Easter Nests
Apple and cinnamon hot cross buns
Chocolate Easter egg
Easter Babka
Polish egg salad with tartar sauce
Greek Easter biscuits (Koulourakia)
Lemon curd easter biscuits
Chocolate hot cross buns
Brioche hot cross buns
Portuguese green eggs
Italian Easter bread
Coulibiac salmon pie
Wholemeal Easter bread with eggs and smoked trout fillets
Eggs with herb sauce and Easter cookies
Avocado with egg and salmon tartare
Scotch eggs
Cheese and jalapeño savoury hot cross buns
Slow roasted lamb shoulder and fennel with agrodolce dressing
Fragrant whole barbecued fish
Hearty seafood chowder
Sourdough soup (White borscht)
Tsoureki (Greek Easter bread)
Chocolate and prune Easter eggs
Middle Eastern planked salmon (MEATER+®)
Mocha eggnog easter bake
Tempered chocolate
Hot cross bun loaf



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