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Cookidoo® Internacional: Colecção “Auspicious and Joyful New Year”

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12 Receitas

A compilation of recipes selected for celebrating the festive occasions of the Chinese lunar New Year, presenting traditional flavors symbolizing good luck and auspiciousness. Wishing every household a bountiful harvest in the new year.


Spring Breeze Delight: Stewed Collagen Flowers
Dragon and Phoenix Harmony: Dragonwell Tea Shrimp
Phoenix’s New Year Journey
Three Stars Herald Happiness: Festive Reunion
Prosperity in Every Step: Marinated Ribs
Hong Kong-Style Roast Pork Shines in Golden Splendor
Lotus Pond Moonlight: Lucky Star Illumination
Blooming Flowers All Around: Tofu Stuffed with Good Fortune
Golden Pork Floss Offering Auspiciousness
Mandarin Duck Happiness Arrives at Xianglian Lake
Wealth and Elegance: Osmanthus Flower Cake
Inviting Wealth and Treasure: Pineapple Pastry



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